Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don't Let Your Roommate Navigate Unsupervised With A Shared Netflix Queue

Or else he'll throw something on there that will be funny when first reading it on a dreary Tuesday morning. But then he'll put it dangerously close to the top, you'll forget about it, and the next thing you know it'll arrive and you'll find yourself watching 94 minutes of frollicking kittens set to soothing music.

"Looking adorable, of course."

This girl can relate. You gotta be vigilant with the queue in times of such cinematic uncertainty and roomie slapdashery.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

New iTunes

I highly recommend installing the new iTunes (v. 7.0). They finally integrated Cover Flow (link may take a second to load), which was a program James showed me a few months ago. It finds all your album covers and displays them as if they were in their physical form. (See a screen grab of my library at left.) It used to be an external program that worked independently of iTunes, so I rarely bothered to open it, even as aesthetically pleasing as it is.

Despite this recommendation, I know there will be those of you out there still defending your version of Windows Media Player from 1998 or WinAmp or whatever you're using to listen to music, refusing all advice to upgrade. If you've resisted Apple's allure thus far, fair play to you, sir. But now's the time to get on board.