Monday, May 29, 2006

We Interrupt This Hiatus

See if you can spot my dad in this cover story from Sunday's Tribune Magazine.

...Now back to the hiatus.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

On Hiatus

I've been thinking about taking a break for a while. And with the blog lull going around, the big 50k reached in readership, and a case of writer's malaise, now's the time to do it. Also, I was going through some of the archives and I found myself deleting or editing everything. Which leads me to believe it's either time to take a break or start over.

So I'm off for a bit. I'll be back when the motivation hits again or to start anew elsewhere.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

East Ukwickertownboldt Park

Ah, a favorite topic among real estate agents and anyone living in west of Ashland, south of Fullterton, and north of Chicago. What to call the neighborhood?

At least two newcomers to Chicago moved to Humboldt Park because apartments listed on said they were located in West Wicker Park or Wicker Park/Bucktown. Bartender Jared Dreyer said he didn't figure out the deception until he had already moved from Cincinnati. "After a while I realized it's Humboldt Park," said Dreyer, 27.

Reese Mitchell's listing said Wicker Park/Bucktown."It's right off Division and Kedzie," said Mitchell, 23, who moved there a month ago. "It's Humboldt Park..."

I can vouch for this phenomenon. I can also vouch for agents trying to convince us that an apple tree in one's backyard is a legitimate need. (That place has been on the market since October. C'mon people, "you KNOW you want to live there.")