Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Robots Depend On Your Pills For Fuel

JG's been in town for a few days now, museum-touring and daytripping the city whilst Mary and I finish up our last days work. Unfortunately, the weather's been terrible and untypical of the Sydney skies I've come to know and love, sporadically "pissing down" (a lovely, oft-heard term to describe any rain) and cold as a witches teet at night. I could've been much less vivid there, but why?

In the meantime, I'm looking into purchasing malaria tablets for Thailand. I've been getting mixed advice from everyone I talk to. "Nah, I've been to Thailand thirty times and never once needed them." "You'll die without them. Buy thirty and take them while you're there and for two weeks after you're back." "Eh, it's hit or miss, take some bug spray, mosquito netting, and avoid drinking any of their water, especially in Chiang Mai." Well, that's awesome.

Apparently, the pills are 6 bucks a pop and make your skin extremely sensitive to the sun (while it's presently 95 degrees in Bangkok), but I'm not screwing around with malaria. What am I, an 18th century stowaway? No sir.

No major plans for the weekend as of yet, other than feeling my head for that weird, "I have really short hair" sensation. Stay tuned for the pics.