Sunday, January 30, 2005

In My Mind, I'm Already There

It's been a fantastic start, out in L.A. for three days. I adjusted right away to the time change, though Mary was exhausted the first night and slept.

Sean's place is great and he's been a gracious host, cooking us a lemon chicken dish and quoting Seinfeld lines left and right. "The baby got lucky on that one!" Yesterday we saw the Hollywood strip. Friday it rained, so we caught Hotel Rwanda, a film I'd recommend to anyone. We've been out all three nights, but surprisingly, haven't dropped that much cash.

We leave for Auckland tonight, and on to Sydney after a seven hour layover.

The other night, Mary mentioned a story about a guy in the '70s that accidentally boarded a plane bound for Auckland, though his intended destination was Oakland.

"Sir, would you please calm down. We'll sort this out when we get to Auckland."
"Not Auckland. Oakland! Where's Auckland?!"

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Most of what I've wanted to say I've already said, and though our departure feels important to us, I was once again reminded of the bigger picture, this time by John Whiteside, a columnist whose final column appeared Sunday. It was published just after his death in the Joliet Herald News. (Excerpts are posted below.) It's a bit Tuesdays With Morrie-esque, but still a haunting read when you consider the perspective.