Saturday, February 28, 2004

I'm in Madrid right now. This is the first dull moment I´ve had in an entire week.

So far we´ve been in Barcelona, Bilbao, and here. Tomorrow we leave for Toledo, and from there, Sevilla, Granada, and finally Malaga. Everything in Spain rocks except for not being able to understand anyone. The food is strange; namely their love for anchovies and deviled eggs spread on tiny pieces of bread.

The Death Cab For Cutie show last night was fantastic. I only have 1 minute left on the internet card, so I'm off. Hasta luego.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

I'll be leaving in two hours, so this may be the last post for awhile. After consulting with Will, I've significantly lightened my packing load. He also loaned me his bag, so I'll be bringing that with a smaller carry-on, and I'm all set. Have a good couple weeks, as I'm sure I will.