Thursday, October 03, 2002

Currently there are two kids outside my window, rigging up some sort of pulley connected to the telephone pole. They've connected what looks like a trombone case onto this metal wire and are attempting to pull it up the pole. I can't really describe it much better than that. A car just drove by and reprimanded the children for playing with the trombone and the telephone pole. The kids walked away sullen and disappointed. Granted, it was a bit dangerous, but I'm convinced the person in the car had a lousy childhood and hates fun.

Moving along. I'm going home for the weekend. I'll get to see my younger sister run in a cross country meet. I think it'll be very strange to see her in a high school setting. I will also have the fortune of seeing The Frames on Saturday night with James in Chicago at the Metro. Currently I should be writing an album review on Marc Copeley because it's due tomorrow. I'll get it done tonight.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

I've been writing a lot lately and I'm not one to bottle stuff up, so here it is -- my life on the internet. I hope this practice becomes a regular routine. Eventually, I hope to get around to posting entries from this past summer and from my study abroad trip. So, I guess that's all there is to say. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Tonight I feel fantastic.

I went for a run today after getting back from the trip and I couldn’t help but feel good. I think it was the realization that up through today, 2002 has been the greatest year of my life.

All this optimistic hoopla originated from the trip I just took to New York, Philadelphia, and Columbus. Although I was issued a ridiculous and highly debatable speeding ticket in West Virginia (which I won't get into now), the rest of the trip was incredibly memorable.

Villanova was nearly the same as I remembered it when I visited Chris three years ago. Except this time, it was ungodly hot. The Philadelphia venture was also done during an unbearably warm afternoon. We walked around the historical district, met Chris' girlfriend and her friends, and took it all in. The letdown of the day -- I didn’t get my picture taken with the Liberty Bell like I had hoped. I blame the National Monument staff who refused to let me enter, a mere two minutes after they were closed. The last time I was there the camera ran out of film just as I was about to have my picture taken with it. Some day. Some way. I’ll get my photo with that bell.

I’d like to describe New York City, our day at the beach in New Jersey, and various other things here, but I gotta head out. I’m seeing "The Bourne Identity" tonight with Mary. I’ll write more tomorrow about the trip; I can only hope that the backbreaking labor of my warehouse job doesn’t alter my account of the trip too much.